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Welcome to Blue Thunder Studio in Jersey City New Jersey. We provide recording, mixing and mastering services in a comfortable, discrete, acoustically tuned and treated studio.

Recording Studio

Recording Service

Whether you need to record a lead or background vocal, rap or hip-hop vocal, musical instruments, voice over or narration, we take extra care during the recording process to select the right microphone and microphone pre-amp.
We employ common microphone placement and isolation techniques as needed to capture every detail, character and nuance of the source to ensure the highest quality recording. Every great song and audio production begins with a quality recording.
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Recording Studio

Mixing Service

Mixing audio is the art of enhancing a recording to sound and feel bigger than life, rich and full, balanced, natural and dynamic to captivate the listener.
We employ a hybrid of analog and digital hardware, mixing and editing software, passion and experience for bringing your sound to life.
Rest assured you’re mix from Blue Thunder Studio will sound awesome and translate well in any listening environment.
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Recording Studio

Mastering Service

Mastering is the final preparation of your audio mix for online and physical distribution.
We’ll perform post production processing to correct any balance issues, adjust levels, enhance sonic characteristics and apply “mix sweetening” techniques to put the final touches on your music or audio production.
It’s in this phase where we take a good sounding product to a professional sounding product.
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