Blue Thunder Studio Selects Antelope Audio

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Continuing with key upgrades at Blue Thunder Studio, we’re very pleased with our choice to employ the Antelope Audio’s Orion Studio Rev. 2017 audio interface for recording and mastering grade monitoring.

Recording and monitoring are critical functions in any studio and most certainly the heart and soul of Blue Thunder. So, when we began researching, testing and comparing, the Orion Studio Rev 2017 was at the top of the list and quickly won out.

We’ve spent the past week recording and mixing and the verdict is out. The Orion Studio 2017 is a powerhouse and has performed beyond expectations. This piece of kit has superb AD/DA converters, tasty microphone pre-amps, lots of I/O options, fantastic on-board effects, superior build quality and function and ultimately, just sounds gorgeous!

Maybe none of this means anything to you and we understand that’s possible however, when book your next session with us, you’ll quickly hear and realize the benefits and how this technology will positively affect your music and other audio productions.

Contact us today to book your visit or your next recording, mixing and mastering session.

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